“Need for Speed”

“Need for Speed”, a fundraiser led by Cody, a 13 year old student of Mount Sleese Middle School, was in response to a challenge by his grade 6 class to make a contribution to a community project. Cody gained support in the form of donations sponsoring him on a 10K run. With the successful completion of the run Cody raised $750.00 which was matched and donated to Zajac Ranch.

Southlands Country Fair Midway Games Challenge #1

Southlands Country Fair Midway Games Challenge to benefit the Alderwood Family Development Center of Vancouver. Youth from the local community joined together to organize and operate the midway games at the annual Southlands Country Fair. All proceeds from the games benefit a therapeutic riding program that operates in the Southlands neighborhood. Raising $1801.00 in this first year, this event is now an annual fundraiser.